Prinovis UK launches apprenticeship program

Prinovis UK demonstrated its confidence in the future of print as it welcomed the first inductees to its new apprenticeship program. Ricky Langlands (17) and Libby Jones (16) have joined the Liverpool based business on a 4-year fixed term apprenticeship contract.

The program received a high level of interest with over 100 applications for places. Then followed a highly competitive recruitment process involving practical assessments, group exercises and a series of interviews in which Ricky and Libby outperformed all other candidates.

The apprentices will be highly trained to work in the world of print manufacturing; the initial training will be broad based leading to a first appointment as either an Electrical Shift or Mechanical Shift Engineer, with each apprentice assigned a mentor to support them throughout the duration of the program.

The program is run in partnership with the EEF, the Manufacturing Organisation, who currently run trailblazer programmes for the water and automotive sectors, where the program frameworks consist of Engineering / Maintenance skill - the key delivery strength of the EEF as a training provider. The program includes the EAL Level 3 NVQ Extended Diploma in Engineering Maintenance moving on to a Higher National Certificate (HNC) in either Electrical or Mechanical Engineering.

Commenting on the program, Vicci Tatton, Human Resource Director of Prinovis UK, said: “Prinovis have worked with the EEF since 2010 on a number of training and development initiatives and so we are very happy to be continuing this relationship on our apprenticeship program. We are extremely pleased that in Ricky and Libby we have identified some great young talent, and are very encouraged that through this new program we are helping to raise awareness of career opportunities in the print manufacturing industry for young and female engineers. This has been an exciting start, which we hope to expand upon in 2016.”

Richard Gray, Managing Director of Prinovis UK has been encouraged by what he’s observed, adding, ”Throughout the recruitment process we have seen genuine enthusiasm for print from a generation, so called Digital Natives, who we are led to believe are not engaged by print. Not only is this good news for Prinovis, but also for the future of our industry.”