Prinovis UK launches new paper banding solution with News UK and Sitma

From responsible paper sourcing to innovative energy generation, Prinovis UK has always gone to great lengths to limit its environmental impact.  The Liverpool based company has developed alongside News UK and Sitma, one of the leading post-press packaging manufacturers, a new in-line paper-banding machine to accommodate News UK's weekly high volume production requirements.

News UK, Prinovis and Sitma have been working together to develop alternative finishing solutions to remove single-use polythene to wrap magazine supplements and improve sustainability.

Paper-banding trials were conducted on The Saturday Times magazine using a prototype machine at Prinovis in late 2018, which resulted in overwhelmingly positive feedback from over 400 customers.

Following further testing and development, News UK and Prinovis have agreed an investment which will result in the installation of new Sitma paper-banding lines at Prinovis Liverpool for use on the Saturday Times and the Sunday Times.

This innovative new technology is being introduced in September/October 2020 and removes 250 tonnes of single-use plastic a year, once fully operational.  This will finalise News UK’s plastics pledge to remove all single-use plastic used to wrap its titles and inner magazines by 2020.

Paper banding will also enable publishers, such us News UK, to personalize the packaging with commercial and marketing messages, becoming in this way an even further attractive solution, both for the publishers and their advertising clients.

The special Paper Banding Module is just one of the solutions developed by Sitma to process magazines and flyers.  Thanks to the new standalone equipment, Prinovis will also have the flexibility to use compostable, biodegradable and recyclable films in addition to paper to wrap product.

Each year, approximately 250 million of these magazine packages are individually wrapped using polythene. “This is a huge amount of plastic, which, as we now know, is causing a lot of problems for the environment.  We will have all seen the impact plastic waste has on our oceans when it is not responsibly recycled or reused,” explains Richard Gray, Managing Director.