Prinovis UK gift literary adventure to local primary school

Christmas came early for the pupils of Banks Road Primary School in Garston, Liverpool as local charitable social enterprise The Reader brought their storytelling magic into the classroom on the 16th and 17th November thanks to the support of Prinovis UK.

As ongoing partners of The Reader and signatories to the National Literacy Trust’s Vision for Literacy Business Pledge, Prinovis UK funded two days of ‘Storybarn on the Road’ at the school meaning that every pupil had the opportunity to experience the thrilling interactive adventure with the Reader’s ‘Storyhunters’ in their own classroom. Banks Road Primary school which is located within minutes of Prinovis UK’s print site was voted for by the employees of Prinovis UK to receive the experience.

As signatories to the Vision for Literary Business Pledge, Prinovis UK are committed to raising literacy levels and boosting social mobility in Liverpool. Every year the team undertake a number of activities in partnership with The Reader to promote literacy and reading for pleasure among their staff and throughout the local community. 

Combining immersive storytelling with games, songs and creative play, The Reader brought their part-storytelling, part interactive theatre experience to Bank Roads Primary as part of their new ‘Storybarn on the Road’ initiative.  Over the two days, the duo of Storyhunters from The Reader were joined by Susanne Stern of Bertelsmann and Darren Ross of Prinovis UK whose daughter attends Banks Road Primary and championed the school during the voting process.

Matthew Cox of Prinovis UK said “We’re delighted to be working with The Reader to bring this incredible opportunity to children in the local area. We’re committed to our Vision for Literacy Pledge and see raising literacy levels and reading for pleasure as a way to change lives".

The Storybarn’s Annie Lord said “We’re thrilled to bring Storybarn on the Road to the pupils of Banks Road. Our Storyhunters bring stories to life and can find the magic to delight and inspire children wherever they go, thanks to Prinovis we can bring the adventure right into the classroom at Banks Road Primary!”