Prinovis UK – first UK gravure printer to be awarded EU Ecolabel

The awarding body of the European Commission, NEL, has confirmed that Prinovis UK has exceeded the criteria required to achieve EU Ecolabel accreditation for gravure print production across a range of papers and products.

EU Ecolabe EU Ecolabel logo

With so many different products, services and suppliers making green claims, it can be difficult to know which labels you can trust. The EU Ecolabel. managed by the European Commission and authorities in every EU Member State is a long standing and reliable environmental label customers and end users can trust.

Right at the core of the EU Ecolabel is the life-cycle approach. All of the products that display the EU Ecolabel have been designed to ensure that their main environmental impacts are reduced throughout the product’s life-cycle. To be awarded the label products and services must comply with ecological criteria that are set by panels of stakeholders and assessed by independent experts. In particular it requires that products carrying the label:

  • Produce less waste and pollution when compared with similar products on the market.
  • Minimise the use of hazardous substances which can harm your health, animal and plant life.

Prinovis UK Managing Director, Richard Gray says “I am absolutely delighted that Prinovis UK have received this prestigious award. It is important that all our stakeholders realise what a priority environmental responsibility has to us all at Prinovis, both in the UK and at our group plants across Europe. In particular we rate this award so highly as it covers a whole range of products and isn ’t a label by an industry for an industry. It has real meaning.”