Prinovis UK Brexit Statement - January 2021

The UK has left the EU and single market (effective 23:00 GMT 31/12/2020). To reduce potential supply chain disruption risk, Prinovis UK had established customs procedures, put in place contingency stocks, engaged with suppliers and customers, established internal processes and trained staff prior to the Brexit point.

THE UK / EU Trade Continuity Agreement brought to an end an intense period of negotiations between both parties. For Prinovis UK, this essentially enables zero import duties for goods from European suppliers and clarified customs requirements for cross-border transactions. The Northern Ireland protocol confirms requirements for trade between GB and Northern Ireland. Despite the short time frame provided to implement both of these items, preparations meant that in both cases customs procedures were completed and post Brexit trading has continued without interruption for both inbound and outbound movements.

Reports continue to highlight disruption risk as cross border transactions increase through January, however, Prinovis UK has contingency stocks in place, continues to work with customers and suppliers to reduce risk for timebound products when possible and has an established relationship with European distribution companies and a customs agent to help ensure orders continue to be delivered on time in full.