Coronavirus statement

The Coronavirus / Covid-19 pandemic represents an unprecedented threat to both Prinovis UK Ltd. and our customers’ businesses. The Directors of Prinovis UK have together with our teams developed a plan of action, based on governmental advice, to mitigate this risk to all our stakeholders. The Directors of Prinovis UK meet daily to assess this advice and adapt our plans accordingly

We believe these plans offer the best chance of reducing any impact to our customers and staff.

  • A 30 minute “Firewall” between our outgoing and incoming production shifts has been implemented to reduce the risk of infection across production shifts.  The incoming shifts do not come into contact with the outgoing shift.  Machines are disinfected by employees from the on-coming shift.
  • Our office based staff can do a proportion of their work from home. As such, we have divided our office staff into two teams who will alternate between working onsite and from home. This will reduce the number of employees’ onsite at any one time, whilst still supporting the production teams.
  • Personal contact is minimised through increased use of telephone, email and video conferencing as a means of communication.
  • Regular updates are sent to employees highlighting government guidance including social distancing. 
  • Hand sanitisers are installed on all of our production lines and we have multiple static dispensers installed around site. 
  • Where clients’ jobs are interrupted on press and in production we will request our clients to supply an additional 3,000 press revolutions of paper waste to cover this production interruption. Downtime costs will be covered by Prinovis UK.
  • All lorry drivers coming to site are asked not to leave their vehicles whilst they are with us.
  • No visitors to enter site.