The Reader

The Reader is Prinovis UK’s charity of choice.

Prinovis UK is proud to support The Reader - an award winning charitable social enterprise, based in the same community as our Liverpool print plant.

The Reader promotes shared reading as a practical way to develop good mental health, increased wellbeing and social inclusion.

Through its work The Reader supports many sectors of society including the elderly, the disabled, children, adults with learning and reading difficulties, ex-offenders and those suffering from mental disabilities.

Since 2014 The Reader has been Prinovis UK’s charity of choice and introduced Prinovis to the National Literacy Trust and the Vision for Literacy Business Pledge.  As a founding signatory in 2016, Prinovis UK has renewed its support for the Pledge in 2017.  

We recently caught up with Jane Davis, the founder and Director of The Reader and had a discussion which included The Reader’s beginnings, the benefits of SHARED READING, businesses partnerships and The Reader’s vision for the future.

You can watch highlights from our interview with Jane below.

HOW THE READER BEGAN The Reader began as a five week project whilst Jane worked as a teacher at Liverpool University.

HOW THE READER HAS GROWN 15 years on, The Reader now employs 100 people.

THE BENEFITS OF SHARED READING SHARED READING is a practical way to increase well-being, extend reading pleasure and foster social inclusion.

SHARED READING IN THE WORKPLACE Encouraging staff to adopt and maintain healthier lifestyles and investing in workplace wellness brings real business benefit.

THE LITERACY PLEDGE The Vision for Literacy Business Pledge is committed to taking practical action to drive up literacy levels in the UK.

BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS The Reader is developing partnerships to spread the message

THE READER'S VISION FOR THE FUTURE Calderstones Mansion House is going to be transformed into The Reader's International Centre for SHARED READING.

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Prinovis SOS (2015)

In 2014, The Reader Organisation signed a lease with Liverpool city council for Calderstones Mansion. They plan to transform the historic building into a world-renowned centre for reading; creating social enterprises, reading rooms and community venues at the beautiful site, which will generate sustainable income and create jobs in Liverpool.

The Plan

To spearhead its support for The Reader Organisation, Prinovis UK formulated a plan to enlist the help of its workforce to take on an ambitious project of refurbishing one of the rooms within the Grade 2 listed building – allowing the workforce to engage in the charitable activity and realise the benefits for themselves. With of over 1500 hours of labour committed to the project, together with materials donated by Prinovis UK, suppliers and customers, the stage was set to create a lasting legacy from the monumental effort…

The Event: 29 April – 1 May 2015

Over three days a cast of Prinovis UK employees, including Printers, Engineers, Production Planners, Finishing Operators, Customer Account Managers, Logistics Drivers and Managers descended on Calderstone Mansion in Liverpool and created the Prinovis Reading Room.

The Reading Room: 7 May 2015

A group of Prinovis employees were able to experience The Reader Organisation’s activities first hand as they visited the newly refurbished Prinovis reading room for the first time…. The team celebrated their achievements with some of the readers and enjoyed Cake and Champagne in the new space that they had created.

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