Corporate Responsibility at Prinovis UK

At Prinovis UK we embrace our corporate responsibility and advocate sustainability in our approach and actions. From our responsibility to our employee’s personal safety, to the impact of our operations on the environment, we are constantly reviewing our business practices to ensure they are professional, legal, fair and ethical at all times.

Action Areas


Prinovis UK recognises its responsibility to society and the environment, which comes with the manufacture of print products and the supply of communication services. To meet this responsibility, the group pursues an active environmental and energy policy.


We actively support the physical and emotional health of our staff.


Prinovis UK is committed to a diverse workforce and ensuring equality and fairness for all in employment. Diversity in the workplace is good management practice and makes sound business sense.

Fair Working Conditions

Prinovis UK complies with all legal requirements for the protection of fair working conditions, including those regulating compensation, working hours, and privacy. Prinovis UK is committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking occurring in any of its corporate activities, as well as seeking to ensure our supply chains are also free from such practices.

Investors in People

Prinovis UK is an accredited Investors In People employer.

Gender Pay Gap report

Prinovis UK has a remuneration system that is intended to ensure gender neutral pay that is in line with the market, the job function and the employee’s performance.


Prinovis UK is committed to improving the performance and safety of all employees and delivers a number of related training initiatives.

The Reader

The Reader is Prinovis UK’s charity of choice, they are a charitable social enterprise, based in the same community as our Liverpool print plant, which promotes shared reading as a practical way to develop good mental health, increased wellbeing and social inclusion.

The Vision for Literacy Business Pledge

Prinovis UK is taking important steps to help tackle the literacy challenge in the UK and has signed the Vision for Literacy Business Pledge 2016, which has been spearheaded by the National Literacy Forum, a coalition led by the National Literacy Trust and supported by KPMG. The Pledge underlines the commitment of the UK business community to raise literacy levels by taking action in three specific areas: in their workforce, in their local area and at a national level.